Monday, June 14, 2010

NOAA Teacher at Sea

Have you heard about NOAA's Teacher at Sea? I hadn't heard of it until June 2009. How did I hear about it? That is a question that I am asked a lot about many of the projects that I do for professional growth and for classroom activities.

Spring 2009 I was asked to be on a Science Ohio Graduation Test Rangefinder Committee. Although it involved sitting in a secure room for 2 1/2 days reading sample test answers to design a rubric, I thought it would be fun to meet new people. One such person sitting next to me, Chris M. told me how he liked to travel too and he would prefer not to pay for travel. "How do you find those types of trips?" I asked. Then he told me about Teacher at Sea. I tucked that piece of information away (and on a notepad) to come back to it later.

December 2009 I started working on my Teacher at Sea application. (Deadlines are the end of December so bookmark the website now so you can apply for the 2011 missions!) I had travel plans for summer 2010 with Earth Expeditions, a program through Miami University (I will talk more about that one later) but I thought I would apply for TAS this year so that the following year I may have a better chance.

March 2010 I received notification that I was selected!!!! This is a competitive application process so I put my Earth Expedition trip on hold to participate in the NOAA Teacher at Sea Program.


  1. Kim

    Good luck to you! As a fellow EE grad student; I know this was an experience you cold not pass up. Maybe on to the Amazon next summer with me!I'll be checking in on your adventure and applying myself for next year! MB

  2. Outstanding Kim
    What a great start
    We'll be happy to get this published and hope to keep up with you as you venture forth on yet another exciting quest.