Saturday, November 13, 2010

On the other end

So, I have mentioned that anytime you go somewhere, take down names. Sounds like a police investigator, but no matter where you are you can find an idea for your classroom or your professional development.

Today I took my son to Ohio University for the Ohio Chemistry Contest, and there I ran into a teacher I met summer 2009 at a STEM workshop. We talked about some of the projects that we have done since the STEM commitment and he mentioned his involvement in the Ohio Riverboat (?) Project. (WISH I HAD HEARD ABOUT THIS ONE EARLIER). We shared some macroinvertebrate sampling stories, but what kept going through my mind was: This teacher needs to apply to the Teacher At Sea Program. I gave him the information and I think he may apply.

I try to inform any teacher I know about the opportunity because that is how I found out, from another teacher that I shared a table with at a random science OGT (Ohio Graduation Test) meeting.

Networking has always been a top priority of mine, and with today's technology it is hard not to network!

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