Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 7, Science is dirty :)

Here I am getting ready to enter data about one of the MANY shrimp that I have seen over the past few days.

Personal Log:

This was the first night (day) that I actually slept straight thru. 8 hours of sleep has never felt so good!

The scientist aboard the Oregon II have a very important job to do and they work very hard. Sometimes when people think of scientist they think of a nice clean lab with everyone wearing white coats. Not the case here! It not uncommon to be shoveling fish into buckets.

Here is a photo of a bucket of organisms that are being measured.

Our ship's tracker has not been updated since we left Galveston so if you see we are still there, we are not. Hopefully it will be updated soon.

Well, I do have to go because my shift started 35 minutes ago and there are things to do. I will try to remember to take photos tonight. We collected a sea horse yesterday, but I didn't get to take my photo before it was discarded, I was out doing a titration.

Bye for now.

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