Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What have you done this month outside of your normal classroom instruction?

Blogging has helped me document collaborations that I have done to enrich my own professional development or enrich the projects of my students.

Students: A group of students that I am advising on an engineering project met with an Athens Engineer this month to look at their designs for a wind energy project they are working on for a Skills USA competition spring 2011....... we can't give any details right now as we are still in the design stages :) Our guest engineer came with the help of the folks at the Voinovich Leadership School STEM program at Ohio University, Athens, Ohio.

A first for me this month was working in the exhibitor's hall at the regional NSTA convention held in Nashville, TN. Wow, that is one busy place! As a teacher I have walked through the isles going from one booth to another, kind of like teacher trick-or-treat, but it is so different on the other side.

I worked in the NOAA booth with some FABULOUS people and I learned many new things.

The folks at the NOAA education office have many great resources for teachers - check it out!

For me, I learned some history on weather maps, the difference between El Nino and La Nina (Thanks Dennis!), a new way to do a lab demo I have done for years, and that teachers from all over Nashville were excited to see the NOAA booth and the resources they offered.

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